Dine Around Plan

Aruba’s Dine Around program gives you the chance to enjoy some of Aruba’s top fine dining restaurants. Select any of the 30 restaurants and enjoy a carefree week of delicious appetizers, tempting entrees and mouth-watering desserts.
Make your dining choice easy with our all-in-one Dine Around Program. Reserve now!

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Aruba is world renowned for the quality, abundance and diversity of its fine dining restaurants. How is anyone supposed to know which one to choose first?
First-time visitors find it especially difficult to choose between all the international chefs and restaurateurs who create magic every day and night in restaurants dotting Aruba’s beautiful shores.

The Dine Around Program helps you make these hard culinary choices and has hand selected the 30 best restaurants of Aruba just for you. We are the perfect place to start your unforgettable vacation.

We give the ability to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner for you, your special someone, or family and friends.
Let us guide you to the best restaurants on the island while you sit back, relax and devour all the delicious dining options we have before you!