Culinary Secrets by Hadicurari

Hadicurari’s Culinary Secrets series is a big hit: once a month a special event is organized which teases and seduces the taste buds.

This month Chef Ronald van Hasenbroek is jumping into the deep end with a Vegan edition of the Culinary
Secrets. He is greatly enthusiastic about this new approach to food and he has met Vegan Guru Meredith Marin, who is gaining a wide following with her hands-on tips and grocery lists for vegans on the island.

The Vegan Culinary Secrets at Hadicurari is held on December 1 and 2. A creative, plant-based dinner will be served whenever the guests come in, starting from 5 pm on both evenings. The price for the 4-course dinner is $39.50 per person plus 15% service charge.

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