Candy Dancers at Water’s Edge

Add something new and different to your delicious dinner on the beach every Thursday night at Water’s Edge at Costa Linda Beach Resort. The Candy Dancers, aged 6 – 13, are adorable, exuberant and talented, and they never miss a beat. Whether the number is traditional, folkloric, inspired by Carnaval or classical such as the waltz, these dancing whirlwinds delight diners with their fabulous costumes and inspired choreography. You can’t help but get off your seat and dance along with them!

The traditional dance of Dera Gai (St. John’s Day) will introduce the audience to a special Aruban holiday celebrated with red and yellow costumes, special music, and the rooster. The lilting melodies of music from centuries past complement the graceful moves and flowing folkloric costumes of the dancers. The sequined and feathered regalia of Carnaval costumes add excitement to the irresistible beat of the music. Even the Candy Moms join in, performing a few numbers along with the kids. Sandra Inesia is the perfect emcee, introducing each number and adding her special Aruban touch to the evening.

Whether you choose the special menu of the evening or order a la carte from the international menu, you will be swept off your feet by the Candy Dancers. The beachfront ambiance, fine international wines, and potent local cocktails will complement this unique and entertaining evening under the stars.

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