Food Safety Manager Training Certification Course

The Aruba Gastronomic Association in partnership with La Cabana Beach Resort hosted National Registry of Food Safety Professionals’ Food Safety Manager Certification course on April 15-16. This intensive two-day course covers a wide range of food safety topics, including proper purchasing and receiving guidelines, the importance of staff personal health and hygiene, how to prevent cross contamination in the preparation and serving of foods and to identify critical control points in the flow of foods throughout the culinary processes. A thorough two-hour exam follows the course and successful participants are rewarded with the internationally recognized NRFSP Food Safety Manager Certificate.


AGA member organizations represented in April’s course included Elements @ Bucuti Beach Resort and Tara Suites, Cuba’s Cookin’, Grape Holding, NV & Divi Resorts, Driftwood, French Steakhouse/Ike’s Bistro @ Manchebo, Matthew’s, Papillon, L.G. Smith’s Steak & Chop House/Aquarius @ Renaissance Aruba, Taste of Belgium and Water’s Edge 12 North @ Costa Linda.

Certificates were presented Tuesday evening at Water’s Edge 12 North on the beach at Costa Linda Beach Resort, one of AGA’s newest members.

From left to right:
Edwin Ortiz (Water’s Edge 12N), Soniel Lake (Papillon), Enrique Quintero (Divi Phoenix), Milangelo Figaroa (Bucuti), Roy Leitch (Water’s Edge 12N), Lico Hermans (Renaissance), Joraine Lopez (Manchebo), Luigi Heredia (Costa Linda) and course instructor, John Grigg. Not pictured is Donald Lacle, Driftwood.

Food safety plays a crucial role in the success of Aruba’s tourism economy and this initiative is in line with AGA’s mission to maintain high standards of food safety among its members.



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